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It’s almost impossible to find someone who is not only talented, but also organized, professional and a great communicator. Alex is that rare person who can be relied upon for all your sound design and composing needs. We’ve worked together on a wide variety of projects, and he always delivers quality work that exceeds expectations. I’m so glad to have him as a collaborator!

– Miko Charbonneau, Creator of Pretty Smart Games

Alex Liberatore is a genius, and quite frankly I worry that he isn’t human. Never in my life have I worked with someone who is so consummate a professional and so gifted an artist at the same time. Alex was involved with Sleepwalkers from the moment we began the project – at his own insistence, he was already writing music before we had even cast our actors. Over the course of making Sleepwalkers, I threw just about every genre of music at him that I could think of – including classic rock, heavy metal, and light romance – and he handled it all of it without any complaints. His commitment to the project and his work ethic, were unmatched by anyone. Alex would regularly send me new compositions and revisions before I even had time to listen to his last batch. And still, the most impressive thing about Alex’s music is that it contains so much emotion and depth. It is his score which truly elevated Sleepwalkers to “real film” status, and I am so grateful to have it in the movie.

– Jason Merrin, Director of Sleepwalkers


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex on several occasions and I hope to work with him on many more. Every time it was almost as if he already knew what we needed to set the right mood for our games, even at concept stage. He’s a brilliant and talented composer, working with true passion and competence!

– Matteo Lana, CEO of Tiny Bull Studios


Alex Liberatore is an incredibly skilled composer who is not only easy to work with but also a blast to to do so. From the start, he got a clear understanding of what the themes in our film were and was great to converse with on what the score needed to be to reflect them. He scored short tracks and renditions of melodies really quickly, making it infinitely easier to pick the right music in a short amount of time. He was great at taking notes on how to change songs to fit the scene better, even when the notes weren’t as clear. He was incredibly engaged throughout the entire process of the film and an absolute pleasure to work with. In the end, Alex’s terrific scores should speak for themselves on how talented he is. But the fact that his personality matches that talent behind the scenes is what will always bring me back into working with him.

– Ivan Moutinho, Director of Alternate

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