• Why Original Music?

    Why even bother getting original music in the first place? I give my thoughts and answer some common questions as to why you need original music for your film. 

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  • Accurate Demo Guarantee

    Want to make sure you're handing over your film to the right composer? I have a unique guarantee that will assure you your film is in good hands. 

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  • Take a Listen

    Here some featured tracks I have composed. 

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Alex Liberatore is a composer for films, video games, animations and all types of visual media.

After graduating summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music, he moved to Europe and now resides in London. He has recently completed a Masters Degree in Music Technology with a focus on Surround Sound and 3D Audio.

Passionate about music and screen he has given a guest lecture at Greenwich University on Video Game Audio and presentations at numerous events in London.

He is also a writer and filmmaker, having films appear in screenings around London and Berlin.


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